Smoked salmon with boiled eggs and avocado

The combination of eggs, smoked salmon and avocado is probably one of my favourite Paleo discoveries. And trust me, you don’t have to be doing the Paleo diet to love this dish.

It is so simple. It takes less than 10 minutes to prepare.

First of all boil two eggs. Then, place a handful of rocket salad on a plate. Peel and slice a large ripe avocado and add to the salad. Drizzle over some extra virgin olive oil and a splash of the key ingredient, Tabasco!

(If your are looking for an exciting snack, avocado with a splash of Tabasco? Awesome!)

Chop the two peeled boiled eggs and add them to the salad. Add salt and pepper.

Cover with two slices of Scottish smoked salmon and enjoy this tasty dish that is ideal as a breakfast or lunch!

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