Cod fillets in a tasty tomato sauce

There are some Paleo evenings when you do not want to eat salads but you need an indulging and tasty warm dish. This is exactly what I fancied last night! A tasty saucy dish like white fish in a tasty cherry tomato sauce.

I started chopping a small onion (I use shallots because they are testier) and 1 or 2 garlic gloves.

Fry in olive oil until tender, then add a can of cherry tomatoes (yes they do exist! and they can be found in good supermarkets). You can add fresh cherry tomatoes instead if you like. Add a handful of crashed black pitted olives and a few leaves of fresh basil.

Add salt and pepper and a pinch of dry chilli flakes, then cook for approx 20-25 minutes. Remember to add some water if the sauce becomes too dry and stir frequently.

Finally, add the cod fillets to the sauce (any white fish works well with this sauce, you can also try cod or monk fish)

Cook for 15 minutes – you will notice the sauce thickening up, then serve and enjoy!

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