Grilled squid and vegetables in a parsley and garlic dressing 

Yesterday it was an ideal day for this simple but fantastic summer dish, hot and sunny even in the UK! Barbecued squid skewers with a tangy parsley and garlic dressing.

I used squid but you could use prawns, scallops or monk fish, they are all ideal for barbecuing (and they are easily available in supermarkets).

First of all chop 1 or 2 peppers into chunks and slice 1 courgette into disks.

Wash a large squid and cut it in half ring pieces.

Then add the squid to the skewers alternating with the peppers and the courgettes.

For the dressing, add some chopped parsley to a bawl, 1 glove of garlic and an handful of crushed pistachio nuts. Squeese an half lemon over the mix, add some extra virgin olive oil, salt, pepper and mix well.

Cook the squid on a very hot grill for about 10-12 minutes. Make sure that you don’t overcook the squid which can become rubbery.

Once they are ready, take the squid and the vegetables off the skewers and mix with the parsley and the garlic dressing.



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