Grilled salmon with tabouli style salad and avocado 

This is another summery Paleo recipe using salmon fillets. I must admit the tabouli style salad was a bit of an experiment…but I can guarantee that it came out very tasty. (You know that I wouldn’t be blogging about it otherwise 😉)

First of all, we start with marinating the salmon. Place the salmon in a plate, squeeze half a lemon and drizzle over some olive oil, add salt and black pepper.

Let it rest for few minutes.

We now look at preparing the salad. Start with chopping a bunch of fresh parsley, add it to a salad bowl with 2 chopped large spring onions, and a dozen of finely chopped cherry tomatoes . Chop in a hot chilli pepper (two if you like it spicy), a handful of your own mixed seeds, squeeze in a whole lime and add some extra virgin olive oil.

Stir well…salad done!

Now, place the salmon on a strong chicken foil, then cook it in the oven, or like I did last night, cook it on the barbecue.

Cook the salmon for about 10-12 minutes, then serve it on a flat plate together with the tabouli style salad and with a chopped avocado, sprinkled with crushed black pepper and a dash of Tabasco.

Buon appetito!

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