Grilled chicken breast with grilled courgettes and aubergines warm salad

First of all we prepare the dressing for the salad. Chop a bunch of parsley and two cloves of garlic and put them in small mixing bowl.

Add a pinch of salt and a good lug of good quality extra virgin olive to the bowl. Mix well.

Slice 2 courgettes and 2 aubergines (to serve 3-4 people) and place them on a hot grill. The veggies are even testier if cooked on a barbecue!
Turn them at least once and as soon as they are cooked (they become tender and have the lovely tasty grill-lines on them) place them in a medium size salad bowl. Cover the first layer of veggies with the parsley dressing.

Repeat for the following batches of grilled veggies until they are all cooked.

Toss the courgettes and aubergines well, until completely covered by the parsley and garlic dressing.

For the chicken, take two breasts of organic chicken, rub a bit of olive oil all over, cover with salt and some dry mixed herbs.

Cook the chicken breast until brown on the outside and juicy inside. Serve with the warm courgettes and aubergines salad. Enjoy!

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