Bresaola with char-grilled broccoli florets

Another Paleo invention, another pleasant surprise! I normally serve bresaola with rocket salad and cherry tomatoes. They are the most obvious Paleo ingredients for this summer dish, but char-grilled broccoli? Yes, believing it or not, it is a very tasty Paleo combination – you’ll have to try this recipe.

First of all, plate 70-80 gr. of sliced bresaola (from Valtellina is the best).

Then, cut a medium size broccoli into florets and place it in a container that can be closed with a lid. Drizzle olive oil all over and add some chilli flakes. Add salt and grounded black pepper to taste. Close the lid and shake the box gently to make sure that all the florets are well dressed.

Distribute the broccoli florets on a strong kitchen foil sheet. Fold the edges and place it on a hot barbecue.

Close the barbecue lid and cook for approx 10 minutes. Turn the florets often until they get lovely char marks on all sides.

Remove the broccoli florets one by one from the barbecue with a barbecue tongue and place them on top of the bresaola. Squeeze half a lemon over it and enjoy.

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