Barbecued steak with baked sweet potato chips with a pickled mustardy sauce 

This is another paleo dish with grilled steak on the barbecue. It is summer and I like barbecues, what can I do? 🙂

We start preparing the chips. Peel and cut 2 medium sized sweet potatoes into chunky chips. I removed the skin but you could leave it on.

Rub the chips well with olive oil, salt, black pepper and (smoked) paprika then spread them on a sheet of baking foil.

Place them in a hot oven and cook until crispy (for about 25 minutes).

For the meat…the usual preparation, rub some crushed black pepper, salt and olive oil all over a good quality steak (I find the ribeye or the rump cut perfect for barbecuing).

For the sauce, put 2 teaspoons of english mustard in a small cup. Squeeze in half lemon and add 2 small finely chopped pickled gherkins and half-dozen capers. Stir well.

Cook the steak on a very hot barbecue – a couple of minutes on each side.

Let it rest on a chopping board for 2-3 minutes, then slice it and serve it with the sauce and the sweet potato chips.

I normally only serve half steak at a time, keeping the other half warm.



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