Poached eggs, bresaola and avocado salad

This is another super quick breakfast/lunch Paleo dish protein rich. I really like bresaola because it is very lean meat (although not strictly Paleo…đŸ˜’) Ingredients Mixed green salad 40gr of bresaola, thinly sliced 1 ripe avocado 2 eggs Half lemon Extra Virgin Olive oil Preparation Place the washed salad on a plate and cover with… Continue reading Poached eggs, bresaola and avocado salad

Bresaola with char-grilled broccoli florets

Another Paleo invention, another pleasant surprise! I normally serve bresaola with rocket salad and cherry tomatoes. They are the most obvious Paleo ingredients for this summer dish, but char-grilled broccoli? Yes, believing it or not, it is a very tasty Paleo combination – you’ll have to try this recipe. First of all, plate 70-80 gr.… Continue reading Bresaola with char-grilled broccoli florets