Grilled mackerel crunchy salad 

Summer time for me means outdoor cooking and dining. If you are lucky enough to have access to a barbecue, and are a follower of my blog 😉, sticking to the Paleo diet and feeling healthier is rather easy. For the salad, take some crunchy mixed salad, add a handful of chopped tomatoes, half a… Continue reading Grilled mackerel crunchy salad 

Grilled salmon with tabouli style salad and avocado 

This is another summery Paleo recipe using salmon fillets. I must admit the tabouli style salad was a bit of an experiment…but I can guarantee that it came out very tasty. (You know that I wouldn’t be blogging about it otherwise 😉) First of all, we start with marinating the salmon. Place the salmon in… Continue reading Grilled salmon with tabouli style salad and avocado