My own chakchouka recipe

On Friday I cooked my version of Chakchouka (or Shakchouka) for dinner.đŸ‘Œ I definitely recommend it if you want a hot tasty paleo dish with proteins but haven’t got any fresh fish or meet available. Ingredients 2 small onions 3-4 garlic cloves Handful of cheery tomatoes chopped 1- 2 peppers chopped 2 fresh chillies chopped … Continue reading My own chakchouka recipe

Minimalist eggs and salmon Paleo brunch

This is another super quick Paleo breakfast / lunch. It takes no time to cook and it will leave you satisfied. It will give you energy and will fill you up and get you going for a while. On a bed of peppery rocket salad place 2 slices of good quality smoked salmon. Fry 2… Continue reading Minimalist eggs and salmon Paleo brunch